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Nicola Cheeks
Developmental Disabilities Private Operator

About Nicola Cheeks

Nicola Cheeks is a driven individual who loves her family & friends.  Her passion to help others comes from her upbringing where she observed what being a giver truly means.  She is committed and enthusiastic when it comes to helping others especially those who have been faced with life’s challenges.  

Nicola has worked in the social service field for almost 25 years within the capacity of Cuyahoga County, where she has worked in various departments.  Throughout her years she most enjoyed meeting new people, ensuring the safety of clients and assisting families to navigate their communities to receive services that fit their needs.  Nicola’s love for fashion led to the road of entrepreneurship and she has years of retail experience as a fashion boutique owner.  


Nicola’s experiences in life and in the work force has set the foundation for the leadership she displays in her daily life. She’s a go getter and doesn’t believe in meeting a stranger.  She reminds herself that she is blessed to be a blessing and strives to act it out in her daily life.    

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